A Wandering Box: The Demo Saga

What's this?

This is a prototype/demo for a game where a box rolls around for the joy of rolling around.

Is it like a puzzle platformer? Or more of an action-y platformer?

Sort of and sort of! It's early days and it's still finding it's legs. So to speak, boxes don't have legs.

Will this work for you?

Honestly not sure how fast a machine you need for this to work. I think this probably run fine on recent desktop versions of Firefox and Chrome. Probably not on Safari, and definitely not on things without keyboards.

Should I tell all of my friends about this game?

Yes, you should definitely tell all of your friends about this game.

Development log


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best game I have ever played


hi Bill!

Really enjoyed ur game I hope u work on the game to fully realise it. Because the concept is amazing: easy to learn tuff to master, a lot of potencial for a comical story, and with some polish it would become a indie hit!

I also would like if u could check out my game :)


Thank you!